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The new dimension in marking: ORLAS PORTAL

The ORLAS PORTAL is a highly innovative and versatile enclosed laser processing station for marking, engraving, and 3D texturing.


Control of The ORLAS PORTAL via new CAM software

The system is controlled by the ORLAS SUITE, the unique new CAM environment developed by OR Laser. It gives the user simple, direct access via an intuitive graphical interface.

The ORLAS SUITE makes it quick and straightforward for you to deploy predefined processing strategies or create new ones. It gives you outstanding flexibility and truly unique strengths, thanks to its ability to import 3D CAD files in all popular formats, fonts, bitmaps, JPEGs, barcodes, and QR codes.


ORLAS PORTAL - the System

This system’s central feature is a generously dimensioned workspace measuring 600 x 600 x 200 mm. In combination with an incredibly sturdy steel frame and an integrated solid granite slab as the positioning stage, this lets you process workpieces weighing up to 1000 kg. Even palletized workpieces can be precisely processed, since there is no risk of jitter.
The ORLAS PORTAL system is driven in the X, Y, and Z axes by three highly efficient linear motors that are not only faster and more robust than conventional motors, but also require absolutely no maintenance. The axes move synchronously for maximum precision, positioning accuracy, and repeatability. They can develop an acceleration of up to one g and move at speeds as fast as 1.2 m per second!

The ORLAS PORTAL is optionally extendable by a rotary indexing table, a high-resolution USB camera, and a rotary shaft for processing in four axes.

The camera lets you monitor the entire process in real time. Together with the integrated functions for automatic workpiece and position detection and on-the-fly marking, this considerably boosts the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of production.

The system can be configured with various, highly efficient laser sources for different applications. For marking and engraving, we recommend using one of our diode-pumped pulsed fiber lasers, which have outputs ranging from 20 to 50 W and can be modulated with up to 500 kHz.

Like all enclosed laser systems from OR Laser, this system complies with the strictest safety standards and can be used in any room without taking any additional precautions.


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