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The OR Laser DiodeLine product family continues to grow

Compared with conventional laser systems with flash lamps, diode-pumped laser systems are characterised by an extremely long life and a 15 times higher energy efficiency. This means an enormous benefit in efficiency as well as for the environment. Last year, the DiodeLine product family was expanded.

The new OR Laser DiodeLine laser systems combine innovation with never before achieved flexibility, efficiency, and easy operability. Diode-pumped laser systems use laser diodes with a life of more than 200,000 hours, so that they operate practically maintenance-free. Operation of the system no longer requires a high-voltage connection, a simple 230 V outlet is sufficient. OR Laser DiodeLine systems reach a peak power of up to 3 kW (300 W mean power) with pulse lengths of 0.1 ms to 50 ms and max. repetition rates of up to 100 Hz. All stationary systems of the DiodeLine product line are equipped with a motorized beam expander and automatic lens recognition. The high beam quality and good focusing ability make it possible to achieve very fine spot sizes of up to 50 µm in the laser focus.

All DiodeLine systems are equipped with a high-quality controller with a modern touch screen. Thus the welding process can be monitored in real-time by use of an external camera. All laser parameters can be controlled completely with a minimum of effort via an intuitively designed user interface. The OEM module also offers a fitting ideal solution for machine builders who want to integrate a laser system of the DiodeLine family into their system via a simple interface. The module has an external controller that can be used to control the laser and to set and store laser parameters. External control systems can communicate with the DiodeLine OEM module via digital and analog interfaces. OR Laser has set new standards for laser welding with the new Diode Line, and development is ongoing.


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