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Trainees in Action: 3-month project - create a paperweight in dice optic

The Trainees at OR Laser have completed their 3 months-project. As a part of this a paperweight in the look of a dice was created.

Goals of the project

In the focus of this project is the teaching of important aspects at work as well as safety aspects at work. For example: The measurement of objects, working with blue prints and the proper use of the standing drill were key elements of this project.

Phase 1: Processing of the metal block

In the first step the metal block was processed to create the characteristic look of a dice. The metal block was honed down by our trainees to the correct measurement on each side of the cube, because all angles on each side of the metal cube had to be in the exact same size for further processing.

Phase 2: Creating the eyes of the dice

In the second step the position of the eyes of the dice were marked on the cube and afterwards holes were drilled into those markings. To fill up the drilled holes copper cylinders were turned on a conventional turning lathe from a copper rod. The cylinders were then peened into the drilled holes. Afterwards any excess material was peened down to create a flat surface.

Phase 3: Polishing the cube

To erase last surface irregularities the whole metal cube was honed down once again and polished, as well as all the edges of each side of the metal cube.

Phase 4: Connecting the cube with a metal plate

In the final step one edge of the cube was honed down in a certain angle so that the cube is able to stand independently. In addition to that a threaded hole was applied to the edge which was honed down, to connect the cube with the metal plate below.

Afterwards a corrosive protection was applied to the whole paperweight.



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