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O.R. Lasertechnologie GmbH Presents ORLAS TT

OR Laser is now releasing “ORLAS TT”, a new tabletop plastic welding system that was specially developed for quasi-simultaneous welding of plastics for R&D or small-series production.

The system’s clamping mechanism permits very flexible work on a huge range of component geometries. Workpieces are clamped in place by a glass plate and therefore don’t need to have any particular shape.

The clamping mechanism uses a servo drive that completely eliminates the need for compressed air.

The ORLAS TT has a welding table 110 x 100 mm in size and is equipped with a highly dynamic scanner system. The beam width can be varied for spots between 0.8 and 1.2 mm across.

The system uses a diode-pumped fiber laser of the DIODELINE Series with an output of 200 watts in CW mode, which is used to weld plastics. It is suitable for both quasi-simultaneous and contour welding.

One of the system’s highlights is the option of continuously monitoring quality by measuring the height of the clamping mechanism during welding. Clamp travel and pressure can be separately diagnosed for optimizing processes.

The ORLAS SUITE—the first and only comprehensive software suite for industrial laser applications that is able to process literally all file types used in the industry and control any laser system—has also been specially adapted to meet the requirements of ORLAS TT. The system therefore comes with custom-tailored software.


The versatile answer for our new ORLAS TT and all other applications, challenges, and strategies: the ORLAS SUITE.

The ORLAS Suite is an integrated CAD/CAM environment that supports all industrial laser applications including marking, engraving, welding, cutting, cladding, and 3D printing. It is currently the most comprehensive set of CAD/CAM software available for laser applications.

The software supports systems with up to six axes and reliably executes even extremely complex jobs involving helicoidal geometries.

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