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OR Lasertechnology at the EUROMOLD 2014

Professional lasersystems for industrial application

Laser welding • Laser deposition welding • Laser marking • Laser cutting

At the Euromold 2014 the company OR Lasertechnology with headquarters in Dieburg near Frankfurt will present its broad product portfolio as a laser system manufacturer.

A special focus is directed on three product novelties: laser powder deposition welding, laser plastic welding and software.

New: the LRS EVO DIODE LINE for small and medium work pieces now with a powder nozzle

OR LASER has developed the sensation in laser welding with the new LRS EVO DIODE LINE combinational system for wire- and powder- deposition welding. It does not only cover all requirements but increases the productivity by the factor 10. The new powder nozzle enables low cost and efficient welding of free and complex outlines and works easily with precise, form close structures from CAD-software programs.

The LRS EVO DIODE LINE laser welding system is designed for the use in tool and mold making, mechanical engineering and other branches where high strength, precise and deformation free welding connections are needed. Fully automated armoring for wear off protection is an easy task for this machine.

OR LASER focuses on its successful technology which has become indispensable for tool and mold making and extends this with the high efficient technology of laser powder deposition welding.

Intuitive in operation fast and efficient in the process. This system leaves no room for open wishes in the processing of small and medium work pieces until a maximum weight of 200 kilos.

The system enables the welding operator via two motorized z-axis and movable resonators a high flexibility in the processing of work-pieces. Extensive accessories both for easy as well for complex laser welding tasks expands the opportunities of the LRS EVO DIODE LINE

The benefits:

  • increased productivity with the same performance
  • automatable
  • diverse selection of material
  • Hardening until 62 HR

The LRS EEVO DIODE LINE is available in the following performance levels:
120 watt • 160 watt  • 200 watt  • 300 watt

New: ORLAS STATION the fair novelty for the welding of thermoplastics

In the field of use of laser plastic welding, the ORLAS STATION offers high quality results with precise welding seams at contour and simultaneous welding tasks, and does this with a low thermal input and without pre- or post-processing.

Short cycle times enable a high productivity and a variable spot diameter which makes this machine so flexible.

The ORLAS STATION is a closed laser system it has laser protection class 1 and was especially developed for series production and in comparison to conventional welding methods much more effective and guarantees high strength welding connections without any markings or surface damage.

As a turnkey solution this laser system was constructed for 24/7 continuous operation.

The ORLAS STATION is available in the following performance levels:

120 watt • 160 watt •  200 watt • 300 watt

New: ORLAS SUITE for processing strategies in 2D and 3D

Software made by OR LASER: With the ORLAS SUITE OR LASER offers the optimal software for planning and creation of welding strategies in material processing.

All common laser welding systems of OR Laser like the EVO MOBILE DIODE LINE can be connected fast and uncomplicated with the ORLAS SUITE via Interface.

The innovative application enables to transfer the virtual world of CAD files on real joining tasks. Thanks to the graphic surface every requirement can be implemented in the shortest possible time. Intelligent processing functions like teach-In or camera-live-tuning reduces the setup time of the system to a minimum.

With the ORLAS SUITE 2D and 3D CAD files can be mounted: data formats like AutoCAD IGES and STEP are supported with this software by default.

Via a 3d view the welding path is defined directly above the work piece. The application enables the selection of edges, surfaces or whole contours and the assignment of welding strategies.

Also at repair welding or cladding the ORLAS SUITE is state of the art. The model of the work piece is loaded into the program and the surfaces that are about to be processed can be defined with an easy poly line. After that the material applying can take place directly on to the contour. This is how a wear off protection can be applied or workpieces can be repaired in a cost effective way.


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