Powder Feeder for Laser Cladding

Powder Cladding System with high Versatility

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  • Optimal feeding of the powder
  • Highly versatile in regards of all powder morphologies
  • Number of different parameters can be set
  • Minimal maintenance

Compatible with the Lasersystems of the DIODELINE Product familiy

Powder-based laser cladding can be easily integrated in the flexible system concept of the DIODELINE product family of OR Laser.

With the powder nozzle, the CAD / CAM software solution ORLAS SUITE and the powder feeder developped by OR Laser even coatings can now be performed automatically on complex workpieces.

Controlled supply and feeding of the powder

Best powder-based laser cladding results depend on optimal feeding of the powder, i.e. controlled supply and metering.

With our powder feeder, we have made enormous strides toward attaining this ideal. Hardly any other system offers such a favorable combination of properties.

The feed system is highly versatile and suited for all powder morphologies, including powders with poor or absent flowability. The metering unit is intelligently designed to keep the powder flowing steadily and prevent mixes from reseparating.

Versatility by variability

A number of parameters can be set—e.g. temperature, gas pressure, and powder flow rate—to optimize the system for virtually any application.

The feeder’s see-through design permits easy visual checking. It is optionally available with a scale, and excellently visualizes and documents the powder feed process.

Minimal maintenance

The system is unaffected by external conditions, it requires only minimal maintenance, and it is easy to load.

Powder feeder compatible materials

Powder materials*Usability
Titanium alloys
Aluminium alloys


 * The feeder is able to convey any type of powder.

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