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3d Laser Engraving

Create a Three-dimensional Everlasting Impression on Beloved Items with 3D Laser Engraving


Do you want to use 3D Laser engraving techniques for your business? Are you looking for the unit best suited for your needs? Choose OR Laser to work on all your engraving needs with their top notch 3D Laser engraving machinery and software.

Using the 3D Laser engraving technique allows you to mark plastics, wood, metals, glass, fiber, plastic, organic materials and much more. The 3D images are easily engraved in a single pass when you decide to use the 3D Laser engraving techniques adapted by OR Laser.

OR Laser 3D Laser engraving

  • Maintain high standard
  • Relatively low cost
  • Exceed standards and is recognized the standard board
  • Completely digitized and remote controlled
  • High performance
  • Tested by the experts
  • Use damageless engraving processes

3D Laser engraving machines allow you to create personalized gifts.

Our website holds all the information you need to research the very best 3D Laser engraving techniques. Our customer service team can even show you a brief demo and provide you a sample if you are interested.

Please contact us now to find more about our 3D Laser engraving techniques.