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3D Laser Engraving Machine

Innovative and Effective 3D Laser Engraving Machine


Finding a 3D laser engraving machine can be difficult. Laser engraving is a popular and widely used application, but when you add dimensions, most units aren't up to the task.

At OR Laser we offer an innovative solution to your three dimensional engraving needs. With a linear actuator for five axes, the Orlas Portal is the solution for those people looking to engrave in 3D. With its high marking quality and low distortion processing, the Orlas Portal from OR Laser is a high quality unit that has been designed for a discerning buyer.

Some of the highlights of the unit include

  • User-friendly setup with 3D joystick
  • Abrasion and weather-resistant marking quality
  • High precision by synchronously moving all axes
  • Pulsed fiber laser with excellent beam quality (M² <1.3)< li="">
  • Maximum precision by synchronously moving all axes
  • With the labelling software, all characters, objects, graphics, logos, bar codes, data matrix codes can be displayed.
  • All steel materials, nonferrous metals can be labelled. Ceramics and glass (pre-processing with special laser marking spray).

Years of development have yielded high-quality and affordable laser engraving machines from OR Laser.

Further explore our innovative and impressive 3D laser engraving machine by contacting our friendly staff today.