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3D Metal Printer Price

Driving Down the 3D Metal Printer Price 

The ease of creating components with a 3D printer is highly attractive. However, until recently, this technology was available only to the largest businesses, with the biggest budgets. OR Laser has changed that.

The ORLAS CREATOR from OR LASER is the first affordable 3D printing machine on the market today. In addition to driving down the 3D metal printer price, OR Laser has made the technology more user-friendly with:

  • An award-winning CAD/CAM system
  • Wireless control from a tablet
  • A platform that is customizable to your volume needs

Stop investing in tooling and start realizing the benefits of 3D printing with the ORLAS CREATOR from OR LASER. 

Learn more about how the 3D metal printer price is no longer a hurdle by contacting our customer service staff today.