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3 D Print

Meeting Your 3D Print Needs

From Laser Cladding to Additive Manufacturing

The invention of 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing) has given businesses the tools necessary to reduce expensive replacement costs. However, not all 3D printers are created equal. Fortunately, OR LASER's commitment to research and development has yielded some of the very best units on the market today.

OR LASER offers a wide range of laser units for the use in additive manufacturing. Whatever the size or scope of your job, OR LASER has a laser system suited to your needs. 

  • EVO MOBILE - compact and mobile laser welding system for large workpieces
  • LRS EVO - CNC automated laser technology for your small and medium-sized workpieces
  • LASERCAB - CNC automated class 1 laser for small and medium-sized workpieces
  • ROBOLASER - one unit capable of many different applications  from welding over cutting to cladding, as well as hardening

With a reputation for in-depth research and a commitment to developing only the highest quality laser units on the market today, OR LASER is uniquely positioned to meet all of your 3D printing needs. 

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