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United States

3 D Printing

3D Printing Units for All Jobs

Hybrid Manufacturing

Technology stands still for no one — and having the latest and greatest tools with which to accomplish projects can mean the difference between securing jobs or losing them. Fortunately, at OR LASER we pride ourselves on providing cutting edge technology for a wide array of projects, including 3D printing.

The innovative laser units offered by OR LASER are ideal for increasing strength and load capacity. What's more, OR LASER offers a wide array of units, providing something for everyone no matter the size or scope of their project. These units include:

  • LASERCAB - class 1 laser for industrial or highly frequented use cases
  • LRS EVO - automated laser technology for small to medium-sized jobs
  • ROBOLASER - one unit with four applications - welding, cutting, claddening, and hardening
  • EVO MOBILE - mobile and compact laser welding system for big and small workpieces

Learn more about OR LASER and our innovative laser technology for all of your 3D printing needs. Contact our friendly staff for details.