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United States

3 D Printing Industry

Enabling 3D Printing Industry with Innovative Technology

Increasing competition and the need to do more with less is driving the 3D printing industry. After all, they're making it possible to strengthen or repair rather than replace costly parts. And OR LASER, laser System manufacturer since 1997 has the high-quality laser units you need for this task.

ORLAS SUITE, OR LASER's award winning CAD/CAM laser processing software for planning multiple facets of laser processing, supports most 3D CAD file formats, and is able to control all existing OR LASER manufactured laser systems.

Key benefits of ORLAS SUITE include:

  • Semi or automatic generation of G-code defining 2D or 3D laser processing paths in three or four axis
  • Real-time combination of a photograph and an actual workpiece
  • Reduced set-up time with straight-forward calibrations and teach-in functionality

See more about how OR LASER is easing the way the 3D printing industry with innovative laser units suitable to multiple applications. 

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