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United States

3D Printing Metal

Faster and More Cost-Effective 3D Printing of Metal

When it comes to manufacturing, the old adage 'time is money' rings particularly true. After all, profits can't start rolling in until the product is finished. At OR LASER, we get it. 

The ORLAS CREATOR from OR LASER is a high-end manufacturing system that provides a quick route from product concept to launch — the quickest on today's market. Offered at a competitive price, and with no need for tool investment, the ORLAS CREATOR delights users with:

  • A platform that is customizable to volume needs
  • A highly intuitive graphical interface
  • No need for third party components or Software

Step up production with a smarter, simpler, faster, and more cost effective solution for 3D printing of metal. 

Contact OR LASER for details on the innovative ORLAS CREATOR.