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United States

3D Printing Steel

Making 3D Printing of Steel Affordable and Available

Innovative technology is making it possible to do all number of things, including 3D printing steel and other metals. The ORLAS CREATOR, from OR LASER, gives manufacturers this ability.

As a result of intensive research and development, OR LASER is able to offer the ORLAS CREATOR. This high-end additive manufacturing system drives down costs and increases speed to market. In fact, it currently provides the quickest route from product concept to launch. In addition, the ORLAS CREATOR:

  • Boasts an intuitive graphical interface
  • Can be customized to meet volume needs
  • Eliminates the need for third party components or software

Discover more about how OR LASER is making 3D printing of steel available to manufacturers around the world — to their great delight. Contact our customer service staff for details on the ORLAS CREATOR.