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Additive Layer Manufacturing

Additive Layer Manufacturing - Tools to Get the Job Done


Additive layer manufacturing is becoming more prevalent with each passing day. The use of wire and powder is common in the process. However, equipment that supports both materials isn't common. That is, unless you're looking at OR Laser's selection.

The R&D department at OR Laser, in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute, have developed an efficient and easily to install powder nozzle for the DIODELINE product line.

The powder nozzle delivers 10 times greater efficiency and is suitable for use with

  • LASERCAB - for use in industrial and highly frequented production environments
  • LRS EVO - automated technology for small to medium-sized pieces
  • ROBOLASER - for cutting, hardening, cladding, and welding
  • EVO MOBILE - mobile and compact for big and small workpieces

Regardless of the substrate's direction of movement, the powder nozzle and laser ensure that the material is deposited very precise. This extremely reliable process is highly suitable for additive layer manufacturing (3D printing).

For more information, contact our knowledgeable staff.