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Additive Manufacturing Definition

Defining Additive Manufacturing


For those questioning the additive manufacturing definition they need only look to manufacturing sectors where replacing parts is often expensive and having equipment out of order for long periods of time can have a significant financial impact. For this reason, companies look to OR Laser for the equipment to add protective coatings to components or build them back up to "like new" condition.

The unique combination of hardware and software offered by OR Laser, a leader in innovative laser technology, allows users to deposit powder or wire on a component and melt it with a laser for a surface that is free of pores and cracks.

The strength and durability afforded to these components is made possible by

  • ORLAS SUITE - the CAD/CAM environment that supports 3D CAD file formats
  • Powder nozzle - for use in powder- and wire-fed cladding, resulting in 10X greater efficiency
  • Powder feeder - controlling supply and metering

The additive manufacturing definition refers to the process by which digital 3D design data is used to build up a component by depositing layers of material. The definition of the best additive manufacturing tools would have to include those offered by OR Laser.

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