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Additive Manufacturing Machines

Quality Additive Manufacturing Machines


To achieve optimal results in the repair of components or in the addition of protective coatings, high quality additive manufacturing machines are required. For this, one must look to a leader in innovative laser technology. Which is where OR LASER comes in.

For nearly two decades OR Laser has achieved high measures of success in the research and development of lasers for all sectors of manufacturing. With the addition of the ORLAS SUITE software, the powder feeder, and the powder nozzle, the DIODELINE product family can be transformed into highly efficient additive manufacturing machines.

The DIODELINE product family consist of

  • LASERCAB - Class 1 CNC Laser processing for industrial production environments
  • EVO MOBILE - mobile and compact CNC Laser procesing for big and small workpieces
  • ROBOLASER - offers a professional-grade robot-controlled laser system
  • LRS EVO - automated CNC Laser processing for small to meduim-sized workpieces

Look to a leader in the field when searching for the quality additive manufacturing machines needed to obtain the results you demand.

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