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Additive Manufacturing Processes

Additive Manufacturing Processes Simplified with OR LASER


Additive manufacturing processes include the act of building up a component in layers by depositing material. This is an effective process for adding strength and increasing load capacity. However, not every cladding machine has these capabilities. Fortunately, OR LASER offers several to fit the bill.

Whether you're looking to save money or time, utilizing a laser cladding machine from OR LASER in your additive manufacturing processes is a sure fire way to get the job done. OR LASER offers four distinct units for additive manufacturing, including:

  • EVO MOBILE - mobile and compact laser welding System
  • LRS EVO - automated laser technology for small to medium-sized workpieces
  • LASERCAB - class 1 laser for industrial highly frequented laser Environments
  • ROBO LASER - 4 applications in 1 robot - welding, cutting, hardening, and cladding

Whether it's for wear-protection layers, repairs, or design changes, laser cladding with powder improves surfaces while giving the appearance of the workpiece having been cast from one customized, industrial mold. See how a unit from OR LASER can help with your additive manufacturing processes. 

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