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Additive Manufacturing Technologies

A Growing Demand for Innovative Additive Manufacturing Technologies


Additive manufacturing technologies continue to evolve as demand for the process grows. So how do you know you're buying the most up-to-date equipment on the market? Fortunately, OR LASER has done the legwork for you.

At OR LASER we know that not every business is the same size, has the same needs, or is looking for the same features in their additive manufacturing equipment. We've spent nearly two decades focusing on designing the most innovative laser units on the market for all sizes and areas of manufacturing. Our continuous development work has yielded laser units that are used around the globe — and our commitment to quality means our repeat business doesn't come from poorly constructed units. 

Additive manufacturing with OR Laser means:

  • Professional looking layers
  • No pores or cracks and little mixing 
  • Minimal heat-affected zone

Additive manufacturing technologies are bound to continue to grow — the market demands it. Why not partner with a leader in innovative laser technology solutions? 

Find out more about OR LASER and our product line by contacting our staff today.