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United States

Aircraft Welding

Specialized Units Required For Aircraft Welding


The complexity of aircraft engines, coupled with the need for lightweight and strong joints drives the industry to find the very best in aircraft welding machines. At OR Laser, we offer units suitable for efficient welding of aircraft engine parts, including those made of aluminum, titanium, and fiber-reinforced composites.

The highly innovative laser technology utilized in aircraft welding machines offered by OR Laser is unsurpassed in the industry. Our history of research and development have yielded machines suitable to produce very complex jet propulsion systems.

Advantages of repairs with laser aircraft welding systems include

  • Minimal risk of cracking
  • Very little distortion of the structure
  • A small heat-effected zone

High temperature and oxidation resistance requirements have generated innovative and effective aircraft welding machines. Trust OR Laser to provide these highly specialized units.

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