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Aluminum Cladding

Prevent Wear with Aluminum Cladding

Applying a protective coating to a surface as a means to prevent wear or simply repair the unit isn't uncommon. What is uncommon is achieving the high quality results you want, even when attempting difficult projects, such as aluminum cladding. Which is where OR LASER comes in.

Our dedication to research and development have resulted in a wide array of coating machines for all areas of manufacturing and repair. Both mobile and stationary units are designed to meet your specific needs, at your specific price point.

Some of the coating machines at OR LASER

  • LASERCAB - for highly frequented industrial production environments
  • EVO MOBILE - mobile CNC automated laser system for small and big workpieces
  • ROBOLASER -  a  robot-controlled laser system
  • LRS EVO - CNC automated technology for small to meduim-sized workpieces

Applying metallic layers to pieces has never been easier.

Contact our knowledgeable employees at OR LASER to learn more about what laser is suitable for your aluminum cladding needs - and with any other cladding questions you might have.