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Aluminum Spot Welding

A technique recognized by global industries


Spot welding has been a proven technique in the Laser welding industry for many years because of its high speed and uncompromised efficiency. There is no substitute for Laser welding when you are looking for perfection.

With the increasing popularity for Laser welding, high precision and accuracy is expected and there can be no better technique than spot welding to achieve this goal effectively. Aluminum spot welding process involves focusing high speed Laser beams on a specific position in material surface as opposed to the entire area. This spot welding technique is energy efficient and hence ensures perfection in the spot welding process.

OR Laser has their own spot welding machines which are suitable for welding various metals, alloys, plastic, wood, foil, and organic materials.

OR Aluminum spot welding techniques are efficient as they:

  • Deliver high speed results
  • Provide more accurate and precise results than any techniques
  • Increase throughput
  • Offer customized solutions
  • Meet industry standards
  • Produce optimal output
  • Provide inexpensive solutions to complicated welding needs

Partner with OR Laser and enjoy the experience of working with top notch techniques in the industry and save cost to company.

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