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United States

Automatic Welding System

A new path away from manual welding


Who would not want a faster, more efficient and high performing welding machine for your business? With the raising demand for all the manual processes being automated, there’s no exception for welding. Most of the business and industry owners have been moving towards automatic operations because of its numerous advantages.

The OR Laser automated welding machines use diodeline systems as standards for any type of welding machines that is supposed to be termed as automatic. OR Laser also takes care of the individual physical properties of every workpiece that needs welding. In order to make it consistent with the focal length, a focusing lens is used to direct the Laser beam on the subject area.

Choose OR Laser’s automatic welding machine

  • New standards for Laser welding
  • Cost effective,and efficient
  • Accurate and very precise
  • The fastest machine that can be used for welding

The increasing demand for fast, but low cost welding solutions have led us to invest this type of automatic Laser welding machines. Whether you are trying to weld metals, jewelry or any other item, partner with OR Laser to benefit the automatic welding process with their most powerful machines.

Contact us now to know about our automatic Laser welding process and the machine series we sell. If you are not very familiar with this type of machine or process, we are here to introduce you with a small sample or a brief demo.