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Clad Welding

Affordable Clad Welding


Clad welding is the process of adding a material to the surface of a component, rather than joining it to another piece. This is helpful in changing the design of, adding a protective layer to, or repairing an existing component. Its popularity has risen due to the cost-effectiveness of the process. And with the high quality laser cladding machines offered by OR LASER that process is even more affordable.

At OR LASER, we've spent nearly two decades designing and manufacturing innovative lasers for the manufacturing industry. Our rigorous testing standards ensure top notch products and our serial production helps drive down costs. We offer both wire and powder laser clad welding machines and our units are suitable for use in:

  • High production environments
  • Big and small jobs
  • Mobile or stationary applications

Clad welding helps add value to businesses by making cost-efficient repairs, reducing 'out of service' times, and drastically cutting back on the need to buy expensive new parts. Find out how OR LASER can help you with your clad welding needs. 

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