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United States

Cladding Materials

Laser Coating Machines for all Variety of Cladding Materials


Not all coating machines are suitable for use with all cladding materials. And let's face it, having the right machine for your needs with all of the appropriate accessories not only makes your job possible, it can change it from a chore to an enjoyable experience. And this is why customers choose OR Laser.

OR Laser, your global partner in laser technology has a highly supportive staff with the extensive knowledge necessary to make your laser welder, laser cutter, laser engraver, and laser coating machine experience as easy as possible.

We offer an extensive array of coating machines so that we have something to work with your choice of cladding materials, including

  • Powder
  • Wire
  • Filler

Discover how our commitment to excellence can work in your favor.

Contact our staff for any details and questions you may have regarding cladding materials.