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Cladding Systems

Manual vs. Automated Laser Cladding Systems


Whether it is for design changes, wear-protection layers, or repairs. Laser cladding systems work to increase strength and load capacity in a cost-effective manner. Knowing whether your application requires a manual or automated laser cladding system is why you look to OR Laser.

With nearly two decades of laser design and implementation under our belts, we are an industry leader in innovative laser technology concepts. Our commitment to research and development has turned out both types of laser cladding systems.

The difference between them is

  1. Manual laser cladding - the filler material is placed manually on the item and generally consists of wire - a pulsed laser is frequently used
  2. Automated laser cladding - the filler material can consist of either powder or wire, is placed automatically and the unit operates automatically with required software

There are many benefits to both applications for cladding and your specific need will have much to do with the one you ultimately acquire.

To find out more about which of our laser cladding systems is best for your use, contact us today.