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Cnc Laser Cladding

Clad your metals with Laser power


Did you know Laser can be used to coat your metals and this process is called Laser cladding? With the growing popularity of welding, industries have also been diverting their attention towards cladding.

Laser cladding is preferable because it creates metallurgical bond with low dilution of almost 2%, can be even applied to non-magnetic items, and the process is highly repeatable. Partner with OR Laser now to know how our process can help your business.

OR Laser CNC Laser cladding services

  • Easily maintainable
  • Have longer shelf life
  • Perfect finishing
  • Considers edge geometries
  • Neat shape weld and cleaner surface
  • Homogeneous microstructure
  • Amazing process stability

Laser cladding is generally used in the stabilizers, axle housings, nozzles, bearing sleeves, pump shafts, impellers, and many other places. With a wide range of applications, Laser cladding has been widely used in the industry.

Contact us now and learn more about the the types of coatings we use, substrates, alloys supported, and much more. We also offer options for corrosion resistance in case you are looking for one. Check out with our industry experts who can guide you make the right and well informed decision.