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United States

CNC Laser Cutting Machine

A reliable cutting tool you can trust


Looking for high quality computer based Laser cutting systems?

A business can thrive and perform well if it is operated by a computer based system and is completely automated.

CNC machine technology has opened many avenues to engraving, marking, cutting, and welding. With OR Laser pitching into Laser cutting and manufacturing Laser cutting machines, it has never been easier for small industries to get their job done quickly and very economically.

OR Laser's CNC Laser equipment can

  • Manufacture prototypes just your business needs
  • Produce high quality products
  • Follow industry standards
  • Enhance the product look and feel with Laser marking and lettering
  • Produce custom made, artistic items such as jewelry
  • Maintain high performance

At OR Laser we try to cater to most industry needs including, but not limited to medical, dental, jewelry, machinery industries and other businesses. We can guarantee that our equipments work well with wood, metals, plastic, glass or ceramics.

Visit our website to know how can we help your business with OR Laser's CNC based cutting systems. Our customer care professionals can guide you through the entire process and set you up with the right technique your business deserves.

Contact us now and learn more about OR Laser's CNC cutting equipments.