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CNC Laser Machine

The machines that make a difference


The computerized numerical control (CNC) system drives the actions of how a Laser beam can manipulate and cut or engrave materials efficiently and cost-effectively. With the advent of CNC technology, Laser industry has opened new avenues for engraving and cutting for many industries including medical, jewelry, machinery industries and other small scale businesses.

Partner with OR Laser to avail high quality, custom tailored solutions specifically for your business. Laser beam generated from the source reaches the processing unit via optical fiber cable. Based on the actions received, the processing unit then decides whether the job is for welding or engraving or cutting.

OR Laser CNC Laser machines

  • Package of solutions to engraving, cutting, welding or marking jobs
  • Manufacture prototypes for your jobs
  • Lets you customize
  • Produce high quality products
  • Enhance the appearance of products
  • Follow industry standards
  • Offer low cost and cost-effective solutions

OR Laser has made Laser technology more accessible with the help of CNC machines.

Reach out to our customer service professionals who can demonstrate the power and capabilities of CNC Laser machines that you can make use in your business.

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