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CNC Laser Welding

Professional Welding with a CNC Laser


In the constantly evolving world of manufacturing, industries are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest technology to provide more professional and efficient processes. Fortunately, OR Laser is dedicated to offering a wide spectrum of industrial laser systems with functions suited to your particular application. One such offering is a fully automated laser welding unit.

From mold and die casting, to machine assembly, to jewelry manufacturing, OR LASER offers high-quality CNC laser solutions tailored for use in various sectors. These machines generally consist of three components: the LSP laser source, the control unit, and the laser processing unit.  The system-aided laser control of a CNC unit help in:

  • Manufacturing prototypes
  • Producing high-quality products
  • Performing series production

The freeing capabilities of a CNC laser welding unit allow businesses to produce excellent and professional work. See how your business an benefit from a unit from OR Laser. 

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