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Desktop Engraving Machine

An All Purpose Engraving Machine


If you are looking for a most cost-effective and efficient desktop engraving machine, OR Laser can offer you the best in the market. Your business can achieve the desired level of marking that needs to promote or attract more customers.

In order to increase efficiency and maximize space, partner with OR Laser as they use MOPA fiber Laser technology to achieve the desired efficiency. Check out with our customer service to find out more about how OR Laser can help your business.

OR Laser’s desktop engraving machines can be used for engraving metals, alloys, plastics, jewelry, organic materials, fibers, glass and much more. All engraving is permanent and does not fade away with time.

Select Desktop Engraving Machine from OR Laser

  • Provide customized engraving solutions
  • Cost effective and highly efficient
  • Exceeds industry standards
  • Can be easily integrated with other features such as welding, cutting, or marking
  • Ergonomic design that supports easy to use functions
  • Computerized
  • No damage engraving
  • Popular for simple set up
  • Offer permanent engraving solutions

OR Laser offers both pre-assembled as well as customized desktop engraving machines for all its customers. Our tailor made machines are quite popular as they are very cost effective when we integrate several features into a single machine. We can set up desktop engraving machines for any kind of business purposes.

You can check out our website and study what we can offer. Our customer service professionals are happy to assist any of your needs.

Make sure to contact us now to know more about our products and services.