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United States

Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

A tool meant for versatile applications


Are you looking for the most innovative and efficient engraving machines? With OR Laser’s Desktop Laser engraving machines you can achieve the desired level of marking.

Desktop Laser engraving machines let you maximize space and efficiency. These Laser machines make use of the latest MOPA fiber Laser technology which is very efficient. Partner with OR Laser to find out more about the engraving machines we offer.

These desktop Laser engraving machines manufactured by OR Laser can engrave almost any kind of metals, alloys, plastic, glass, fiber, and organic materials. They provide easy integration with other applications such as marking, welding or cutting services.

Choose OR Laser desktop Laser engraving

  • Easy integration
  • Cost effective
  • Follows industry standards
  • User friendly and ergonomic design
  • Excellent customer support
  • Designed for simple set up, configuring and engraving
  • Provide permanent marking
  • Damageless engraving process

You can either buy a pre-assembled desktop Laser machine or request for customizing. We offer tailor made engraving machines by setting configurations that can easily adapt to any kind of business.

Browse through our website for various products and services OR Laser offers. You may also request a sample engraving to evaluate our skills.

Contact us and learn more about OR Laser desktop engraving solutions.