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Difference Between SLS And SLA

Exploring the Difference Between SLS And SLA

It's little wonder that people find 3D printing processes confusing. However, with use of varying materials and lasers operating on different wave lengths, telling the difference between SLS and SLA is easy.

Material selection matters when it comes to 3D printing. SLA works with resins and polymers, not metals. In contrast, SLS works with steel, titanium, cobalt chrome, and many more. Furthermore, SLA lasers operate in the UV wavelength while SLS lasers generally require greater energy levels in order to compress metal powders. What's more, SLA lasers have long been offered to manufacturers at a price tag they were happy to pay. It was only recently that OR LASER helped to make SLS lasers widely available.

OR LASER offers a high-end additive manufacturing unit for those of you seeking a SLS laser. The ORLAS CREATOR eliminates the need for costly tool investment, in addition to:

  • Making it possible to monitor product creation from anywhere with Wifi
  • Boasting a customizable platform, so that your volume needs are met
  • Eliminating the need for third party software or components

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