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Direct Laser

Deploying Direct Laser Printers Benefit Manufacturing Industry

It comes as no surprise that laser 3D printer use is gaining in popularity. From reducing production costs to increasing speed to market, there really is no downside to using direct laser printers in the manufacturing process.

Years of research and development have led to the creation of the high-end additive manufacturing system, the ORLAS CREATOR. 

It's competitive price tag, combined with no need for costly tooling, make it an attractive option for manufacturers of all sizes. And its virtues don't stop there, but also include:

  • An intuitive graphical interface
  • Customization per your volume needs
  • Elimination of the need for third party software or components

Find out more about how OR Laser is introducing direct laser capabilities to a greater section of the manufacturing industry — and we're all benefiting as a result. 

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