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Direct Manufacturing

Precision Required for Direct Manufacturing


Direct or rapid manufacturing refers to the process of building parts out of plastic or metal one layer at a time using a method of additive fabrication. High precision is required for optimal results. And OR Laser has just what you're looking for.

The ORLAS SUITE, a CAD/CAM environment for planning nearly all facets of laser processing, including powder-based additive manufacturing processes, is highly suitable for supporting and planning processing strategies. ORLAS is the first and only comprehensive software for industrial laser applications that is actually able to read and process all proprietary file formats and control all existing laser systems. The ORLAS SUITE, in conjunction with a DIODELINE machine, the powder feeder, and the powder nozzle make direct manufacturing a reality. Benefits of this process include:

  • Eliminating the costly and time-consuming process of tool making
  • Faster completion and deployment
  • Design changes can be made at any time

As a leader in innovative laser technology, OR Laser has been at the forefront of the industry for nearly two decades. Learn more about how our product line can help in your direct manufacturing needs.

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