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United States

Direct Metal Laser Melting

Driving Down the Cost of Manufacturing with Lasers

The use of direct metal laser melting is gaining popularity in a variety of industries, including: aerospace engineering, jewelry design, and medical tool manufacturing. 

At OR LASER, we're helping to increase access to the innovative printers necessary to get the job done — and as a result, manufacturing costs are being driven down.

The ORLAS CREATOR, our high-end additive manufacturing system, eliminates the need for costly tooling. In the meantime, its competitive price tag makes it a viable option for all size manufacturers. And the benefits don't stop there, but also include:

  • Elimination of the need for third party software or components
  • Customization to meet your volume needs
  • A highly intuitive graphical interface

For more details on the direct metal laser melting capabilities of the ORLAS CREATOR, please contact our staff at OR Laser.