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United States

Direct Metal Laser Sintering Machine

Competitively Priced DMLS Machine for the Masses

The demand for a direct metal laser sintering machine, or a 3D printer, is on the rise. After all, their ability to cut production times and reduce manufacturing costs are attractive to businesses of all sizes. Fortunately, OR LASER's ORLAS CREATOR was designed to meet these growing needs.

Costly tooling is a thing of the past with the ORLAS CREATOR. And the competitive price tag attached to the high-end additive manufacturing machine make it a viable option for even small manufacturers. The benefits don't stop there, but continue with:

  • An intuitive graphical interface
  • The ability to customize the unit to meet your volume needs
  • Elimination of the need for third party software or components

For a more in-depth look at the direct metal laser sintering machine from OR Laser, please contact our helpful customer service staff today.