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DMLS Printer Manufacturers

DMLS Printers Benefit Manufacturers of All Sizes

It's little wonder that the search for DMLS printer manufacturers is increasing. From increased speed to market to reduced manufacturing costs, the benefits of 3D printing are many. OR LASER is helping to make those benefits a reality for all sorts of manufacturers.

By offering a competitively priced, high-end additive manufacturing system, OR Laser is making it possible for manufacturers of all sizes to reap the rewards of 3D printing. The ORLAS CREATOR eliminates the need for costly tooling, in addition to:

  • Eliminating the need for third party software or components
  • Sporting a highly intuitive graphical interface
  • Boasting a platform that can be customized to meet your volume needs

For greater detail on DMLS printers and how they're helping manufacturers around the world take products from concept to creation in a timely manner, please contact our customer service staff today.