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United States

Fiber Laser Machine

Next generation of Laser machines


Fiber Laser machines serve multi-purpose functions including welding, marking, etching, engraving and cutting fibrous materials with power Laser beams. While there are various techniques of getting the task done, OR Laser offers most efficient and cost effective techniques.

Our machines are highly customizable and can be integrated with multiple features and utilities. Most models of our machines are computer controlled and supported with high speed and high performing software.

Whether you are looking for creating ever lasting impressions, efficient joinery, additive manufacturing applications or cutting, OR Laser can provide you one stop solutions for all your needs. Contact with OR Laser to find the right fiber Laser machine for your business.

Choose OR Laser fiber Laser machines

  • Very powerful and durable
  • Offer low cost solutions
  • Compact and easily customized for any business
  • Damageless job completion
  • Follow industry standards
  • Offer huge flexibility in application

Our 24x7 customer service professionals can help you figure out what kind of machine and model is suitable for your fiber Laser business. Check out with us if you want to see a sample or a free demo.

Reach out to us now and we will take it from there!