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United States

Fiber Laser Marker

Organic way of making permanent impressions


Are you looking for fiber Laser markers? Fiber Laser markers offer excellent Laser beam quality that utilize the most innovative technology in the market. For most reliable and high performance, partner with OR Laser and deliver optimal marking.

For traceability and identification of industry standard products, OR Laser offers fiber Laser markers to mark serial numbers, 3D Data matrix, bar codes on metals, ceramics and plastics.

Choose OR Laser fiber Laser marker

  • Cost effective and very flexible in application
  • Compact
  • Easily integrated into existing environments
  • Economically process most metallic and plastic materials
  • Possess high processing speed
  • Conventionally mark workpieces and on the fly marking
  • Follow industry standards
  • Most reliable and permanent marking on a variety of materials
  • Uses damageless marking techniques

To save time and money chose OR Laser’s custom programmable marker machines now!

For highest precision, make OR Laser’s fiber marking as your first choice before anything. Our customer service team can help you answer any questions, guide you through the wide range of products that we sell, and provide you a demo or sample job.

Contact us now for more information on our fiber marking machines.