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Fiber Laser Marking

Fiber Laser Marking - A Unique Way of Embedding Object Identification


Businesses looking for innovative ways to engrave a variety of materials need a reliable and cost-effective solution. Fiber laser marking with OR Laser provides that solution.

Fiber laser marking is beneficial as it is subtler and offers permanent marking when compared to traditional marking techniques. A high-speed laser beam is focused on the object, marking it without affecting its integrity. Laser marking is becoming more and more prevalent in the market because of its ability to enhance your business.

Fiber laser marking with OR Laser provides:

  • Cost effectiveness and efficiency
  • High-tech marking capabilities
  • Durable marking
  • High-speed and quick results

To save time and money for your business, look to OR Laser’s consumer centric, custom programmed fiber laser marking machines. Contact us to learn more about OR Laser fiber laser marking techniques and the services we offer.