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United States

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The industrial Laser solution readily automated


If you are looking for high quality fiber Laser marking machines, then you are at the right place. Partner with OR Laser to find out all our offerings and let us help you take your business to the next level.

Providing industrial solutions to identify objects uniquely and to allow traceability, OR Laser’s fiber marking machines use bar code, serial numbers, alphanumeric, 2D Data matrix or even graphics on a variety of materials. OR Laser offers superior quality Laser beam with the latest technology for fiber marking. Our speciality is that we use pulsed fiber systems to deliver high performance and most reliable marking.

We use the most innovative techniques in our machines that can let you easily integrate into factory networks and control marking using high-end Laser techniques. Our built-in programs let you set the configurations and schedule the marking.

Why select ORLaser fiber Laser marking machines?

  • Enable marking wide range of materials such as metals, glass, organic fibers, aluminum, steel, copper, wood, and much more
  • Low cost
  • Reduce production downtime
  • Laser can be mounted in any orientation
  • Provide ultimate flexibility
  • Powerful software to control every action
  • User appealing GUIs
  • Emit high beam quality

For various other application needs including depth, material quality and speed, make sure to contact us now and help us find out more about your needs.