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United States

Fiber Laser Marking System

An organic technique for making everlasting impressions


Fiber Laser marking has been the industry’s latest and innovative way for marking metals, glass, plastics and ceramics. A high speed Laser beam is focussed on the material to be marked without affecting its integrity. Laser marking techniques are more and more becoming popular in the market because of its capability to enhance your business.

When it comes to marking identification and traceability, there is no substitute for Fiber Laser marking solutions. Looking for options like bar codes, serial numbers, etching, or marking your items to personalize them? Partner with OR Laser for fiber Laser marking services and systems. We offer a wide range of machines that can fit all your business needs. We even customize them for your specific requirement.

Choose OR Laser Fiber Laser marking systems

  • Exceed industry standards
  • Innovative way of marking
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost effective solution
  • Mark on the fly
  • Easily customized and integrated with other solutions
  • Smooth and fine finishing for all your marking
  • Can be integrated into other environments
  • Computer controlled

Contact OR Laser for exploring your options and select the right Fiber Laser marking system for your business.