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United States

High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine

Trust the high-tech technology for all your welding


Are you looking for the most effective and low cost plastic welding techniques? We offer great solutions to all your laser plastic welding needs.

If you need a high precision, yet fast plastic welding machines, then opt for the ORLAS STATION. it comes with much higher power and force in order to amplify your welding process.

Choose OR LASER’s high frequency plastic welding machine

  • High quality and follow standards
  • Superior techniques
  • Quickest process you can ever find
  • Compliant with industry
  • Cost effective machines
  • Can be easily customized for your individual business
  • High Performance
  • Robust construction

Consult OR LASER to select the right machine for your production process. Creativity and efficiency are other factors welders consider if they truly care about the performance.

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