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How 3 D Printers Work

Outstanding 3D Printer Work from OR Laser

Have you ever wondered how 3D printers work? There is no doubt that they add value to a workpiece, both in terms of strength and load capacity, but what makes them tick? OR LASER has the answers.

By using a digital 3D CAD design to build up a component in layers with deposited material, the wide array of additive manufacturing laser units from OR LASER both repair and enhance existing workpieces. The ORLAS SUITE CAD/CAM environment supports most popular 3D CAD file formats, all the while reading and processing proprietary file formats and controlling existing laser systems. 

The ORLAS SUITE works with:

  • Straight-forward calibrations and teach-in functionality for reduced set-up time
  • Semi or automatic generation of G-code defining 2D and 3D processing paths 
  • Real-time combination of an actual workpiece photo and a virtual model

For more information on the innovative designs from OR LASER and how 3D printers work, please contact our customer service staff today.