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How Do 3d Printers Print Metal

How Do 3d Printers Print Metal and How Can My Business Benefit From Them?

The question of "How do 3D printers print metal?" is on the tongues of manufacturers across the globe. They've come to the realization that this innovative technology can add significant value to their businesses. After all, who wouldn't want to strengthen or enhance components if given the option? 

OR LASER's ORLAS SUITE, the award winning CAD/CAM environment, is designed to plan multiple facets of laser processing and supports all major 3D CAD file formats. In addition to boasting software capable of reading and processing all proprietary file formats and controlling all existing laser systems, the ORLAS SUITE:

  • Reduces set-up time with teach-in functionality and straightforward calibrations
  • Utilizes semi or automatic generation of G-code defining 2D and 3D processing paths in three or four axes
  • Is capable — in real time — of combining a photograph of an actual workpiece with a virtual model

To recap, the question of "How do 3D printers print metal?" is answered with improved parts and reduced replacement costs. Would you care to know more?

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