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Industrial Laser

Innovative Industrial Laser Designed For You


The uses for an industrial laser are vast, as are the manufacturers. How do you narrow down your choices? OR Laser's strong background in research and development, coupled with a wide array of lasers for industrial use make us the "go to" for nearly all of your laser needs.

Since 1997 OR Laser has devoted time and resources to developing and manufacturing high quality industrial lasers for every sector of the manufacturing industry. We've been at the forefront of laser technology with our selection of laser welders, cutters, engravers, markers and laser additive manufacturing.

Some of the useful services provided by OR Laser include

  • Technology consulting, support, and service
  • R&D of special applications
  • Optional accessories and electrodes

OR Laser's reputation for excellence makes us the preferred choice for all of your industrial laser needs. Our multi-functional units are innovative and backed by a highly supportive team.

Contact us for details on an industrial laser suited to your needs.