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Industrial Laser Systems

One Stop Shop For Industrial Laser Systems


Consolidating all of your industrial laser systems needs into one manufacturer is beneficial for many reasons. OR Laser is a leader in the laser technology industry. We provide laser welders, etchers, markers, engravers, cutters and additive manufacturing units for all of your business requirements, permitting you to consolidate your system needs.

By utilizing the offerings of one company for all of your industrial laser systems needs you can enjoy one stop shopping and benefit from a centralized support and service staff. In addition, several of the industrial laser systems offered by OR Laser are suitable for multiple functions.

Key advantages of a relationship with OR Laser include

  • Optimal results achieved with high precision
  • Optional equipment offered
  • Service centers in five countries and a world spanning service-partner network

See why OR Laser is at the forefront of laser technology. We've done the legwork with countless hours spent researching and developing top of the line laser technology solutions. Let us guide you in your hunt for industrial laser systems.

Contact our friendly and supportive staff for further details.