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United States

Industrial Marking Systems

The universal standard marking system


Marking systems are meant to create a unique identification for a manufacturing part through graphics, barcode, logo, serial number, etc. Industrial marking systems offer a unique perspective to the marking technology for manufacturing industries.

As laser technology offers durable and permanent marking techniques, industrial marking systems are more prevalent these days. Whether plastics, metals, ceramics or wood; nearly any material can be easily marked with industrial marking systems.

At OR Laser, industrial marking systems are designed and built to laser mark your manufacturing parts in a most unique and identifiable manner.

OR Laser industrial marking systems offer:

  • Industry standard and custom engraved marking
  • Highly efficient and precise marking
  • Cost effective marking solutions
  • Permanent laser marking
  • Wide range of applications including, but not limited to marking on manufacturing materials like plastic, metals, wood, etc.
  • Millions of dollar savings on maintenance and repair
  • User friendly marking solutions as the ink is not stored, clogged and there’s no necessity to replace the masks
  • Ability to meet quality control and design standards

At OR Laser, you can avail the one stop solution to all your plastic and metal marking needs.

Make sure to contact us to know more about cost-efficient and low maintenance OR Laser products!