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United States

Laser Additive Manufacturing

High-Quality Laser Additive Manufacturing Tools


The applications for lasers seems to have no end. Laser additive manufacturing falls under this huge umbrella, which is why you may be asking yourself where to go for equipment suited to the job. Fortunately, you have OR Laser.

With a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing lasers for welding, cutting, engraving, and cladding, OR Laser is the "go to" for manufacturers around the world.

Our commitment to excellence has yielded in four high quality units suitable for laser additive manufacturing with the addition of the following hardware/software

  • ORLAS SUITE - an award-winning CAD/CAM software with 3D processing capabilities
  • Powder feeder - for controlled supply and metering of powder
  • Powder nozzle - for use of powder-fed cladding

Trust OR Laser with your laser additive manufacturing needs.

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